Hole by Hole

Please ask at the Clubhouse reception for one of our pocket sized Yardage books to take with you, but in the meantime, here’s a brief guide of our course.


“…a slightly unusual course, the first three holes being fairly straight forward enough with no trouble for high handicappers, but after that there are a few surprises in store!…”


The 1st – Par 4, Looks Easy 283 yards

An aptly named hole as the green may be reached in one but watch out for the bunker to the left of the landing zone another green side bunker to front left of the green will catch left heading shots.

The 2nd – Par 4, The Copse 418 yards

A sharp left to right dog leg into the green makes for a very interesting and difficult hole. The green which is up on a dais is protected by trees forming the copse and requires precision shots to avoid frustration.

The 3rd – Par 4, The Old Road 416 yards

A long Par 4 off the whites makes this a tricky hole for competitions. Grassy hollows obstruct and kill shots to the right. Two strategically placed bunkers guard the green.

The 4th – Par 4, The Limes 360 yards

Grassy banks to the left and right of the fairway and a bunker on to left of the approach are the hazards on this otherwise benign S.I. 12 hole. The lime trees make a lovely backdrop to the green.

The 5th – Par 3, The Warren 170 yards

First impressions make for an easy winner on this short Par 3 hole. However the green is like an upturned saucer and only precision shots will allow the ball to stay in place for the putts on a tricky green.

The 6th – Par 5, Long Hall 567 yards

Most players needn’t look for the 15th green until their third shot on this 560+ yard Par 5. The generous fairway gives way to a slope onto a receptive green, approached through a narrow gap flanked by a line of trees on the left with a wide ditch to the front. A true test of skill.

The 7th – Par 4, High Point 336 yards

This hole begins with an uphill fairway after a short downhill from an elevated tee. Tee shots seem to flounder in the air. To finish you’ll need to make an accurate shot through a narrow tree guarded gap to the green.

The 8th – Par 4, Watery Grave 328 yards

Test your accuracy at this picturesque lake hole, teasing you with a 130 yard fairway shot to the green which slopes back to the water.

The 9th – Par 3, Old Speckled Hen 167 yards

Named after the beer you could be looking forward to in our comfortable clubhouse halfway round. An easy shot to the green with two putts should see you with a Par to see you through the halfway mark.

The 10th – Par 4, Tyrone’s Path 420 yards

A difficult hole to start the back nine, being over 400 yards long. However, there is little trouble until the gap at 280 yards, where there are trees on the left and rough on the right. The final 130 yards or so are clear into the green.

The 11th – Par 4, On the edge 355 yards

With a favourable wind and because of a downhill topography, reaching the green with your drive is possible with an accurate shot which should feature a slight draw to accommodate the gentle dog leg left.. However, there are hazards by way of trees on the right, out-of-bounds on the left and a ditch just short of the green.

The 12th – Par 3, Sloping Plains 176 yards

A deceptively difficult Par 3. First looks are reassuring for a Par result. Wayward shots over the fence left mean lost balls out of bounds. A shot with a bias to the right often rewards with the perfect position for a putt or short chip onto the green.

The 13th – Par 4, The Oak 384 yards

Arguably, the most difficult hole on the course, with its blind green from the tee and a lake up the hill to the left, a tight approach to the green punishes shots to the left. Two bunkers and a grassy hollow guards the approach to the green.

The 14th – Par 5, Reid’s Creek 485 yards

There is water by way of ponds and lakes; indeed a creek completely surrounds the front of the 5th, which is a demanding Par 5 with a narrow fairway on the bank of the Mardyke River.

The 15th – Par 4, Lakeside 293 yards

Another blind green adds to the trouble of water on the left and the right once the hill opens up to the fairway. Accurate shots over the water with some backspin pays- off with a potential single putt into the hole.

The 16th – Par 4, The Footpath 403 yards

Not much trouble on this hole for accomplished golfers. Bunkers to the right and left of the fairway, in the landing zone and a public footpath to the left punish hooks and slices however. A bunker just short and to the right of the green needs careful planning for your shot on to the green.

The 17th – Par 3, Just-a-Breeze 220 yards

The trees and rough on the far right of the 17th will punish wayward shots with probable lost balls or difficult 2nd shots.

The 18th – Par 4, Swans Rest 436 yards

This very long Par 4 requires a good distance shot off the tee. Young trees on the left and grassy mounds on the right and two strategically placed bunkers,can mean a ball search for off-target shots. The green has an easy approach so take care not to over hit your approach shot as you may end up in on the lawn behind the green that is out of bounds.

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